Finding the right sleeping bag for your child can become an unexpectedly challenging experience. Much like shopping for an adult sleeping bag, determining the right size and appropriate temperature rating are important in selecting a kids sleeping bag. One additional factor adults do not have to contend with is design. As we know, most adult sleeping bags come in solid colors This means if a choice of two or more bags comes down to color, we will select the color we most like, and the subject is closed. Don’t you wish it was this easy for kids!! Children are a finicky bunch, and their opinion on design will most likely come down to whether their peers will approve, even more so than whether they themselves are satisfied with the design.


Kids’ sleeping bags manufactured by such well known companies as Coleman, Eureka, Slumberjack, and Black Pine Sports are mostly geared toward older toddlers and teens. This means if you are shopping for a toddler or youth (years away from his or her teen years), you will probably have a difficult time finding a bag your child will not slip and slide through. Additionally, toddlers and youths will probably prefer a bag with colorful design instead of a plain solid color. In cases like this, searching for a bag manufactured by a company specializing in kids sleeping bags would be your best bet. Bazoongi Kids and Marsupium are two of the more popular names specializing in toddler and youth sleeping bags, also known as “slumber bags.”

If you are looking for a bag your child can grow into, as well as a bag that can provide space for extra clothing and extra blankets during cold weather use, traditional kids sleeping bags are better. This brings us to our next topic.

Temperature Rating

If your child plans to use the bag for indoor use only or outdoor warm weather use, you may want to consider buying a slumber bag. As implied by the name, these types of bags are great for slumber parties because they are light and focus mainly on comfort and design as opposed to warmth. No temperature ratings are assigned because they are strictly made for warm weather and indoor use. A traditional kids bag, with a high temperature rating (+45 degrees or higher), may also do the trick under these conditions. However, these types of bags may not have the designs kids look for at slumber parties.

On the other hand, if the sleeping bag is going to be used year-round (and occasionally outdoors during the fall/winter months), then a traditional kids sleeping bag, with a low temperature rating (+40 degrees or lower) is your choice. There is only one downside: it may prove too warm to be used during warmer temperatures or indoors. This aside, however, the traditional kids sleeping bag is the right choice for year-round, outdoor camping because the focus is mainly on warmth.


Along with providing comfort, slumber bags have designs any kid would love. For instance, Bazoongi Kids, Cricketzz, Hoohobbers, and Wildkin slumber bags offer various fun designs such as Butterflies, Fairies, Astronauts, and Zebras. Marsupium bags come in various shapes such as a Baseball Glove, Teddy Bear, Football, and Space Shuttle. Also known for their “zipperless sleeping bags,” Marsupium provides an added touch by offering the option of placing your child’s name on the bag. Although not all bags can be personalized, most of their bags can include your child’s name. Additionally, sports logos are great for the little sports fans. Sports Coverage and SC Sports provide slumber bags with logos from collegiate and professional sports teams. Needless to say, the options are far-ranging in terms of “cool” designs available for slumber bags.

With traditional kids’ bags, color trumps design. Brands such as Gigatent, Eureka, and Slumberjack produce bags that are colorful and appealing (with a possible design here or there), but do not have the overwhelming designs provided by slumber bags.


Overall, it would seem slumber bags are best for indoor and warm weather outdoor use. They have great child-friendly designs, are not too warm, and will fit your child like a glove. For year round use, especially during outdoor cold weather outings, the traditional kids sleeping bag is the best choice. Your child can grow into it, and it also provides space for bundling up with clothing and blankets.